Glenfarclas 1953 Pagoda Sapphire
& Glenfarclas 1954 Pagoda Ruby

The 1953 & 1954 Glenfarclas single malts from the distillery’s Pagoda series. The Ruby and Sapphire Reserves have been matured for more than six decades before bottling.

Driven by the rising popularity of rare and aged whiskies in Singapore, this range of bespoke single malt whiskies was released as a very high-end product to the Singapore market.

We used an innovative manufacturing process to decorate 70cl and 1.5L decanters with brass, sterling silver and gold embellishments. We produced cast silver/electroformed Pagoda style stopper closures along with collars, bottle badges and icons. The year statement bottle badges were fitted with tiny ruby and sapphire stones.

Retail value: £30,000 – £80,000

Hayward & Stott Edinburgh Est. 1999

The go-to specialists in prestige
embellishments and packaging.